A foot orthotic is a medical device inserted into footwear, designed to improve foot alignment, function and normalise forces within the foot and lower limb during sport and everyday activities. Foot orthotics alleviate common foot pain such as arch strain, heel pain, tendinitis and discomfort under the ball of the foot as well aid in reducing stress and pain in structures higher up the body such as the shin, calf, knee, hip and back.

They are commonly successfully used to manage a wide array of sports injuries and lower limb overuse conditions of the foot and leg including knee pain, Achilles tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis and shin splints.  Foot orthotics are also used clinically to reduce the incidence and progression of common foot deformities such as bunions and claw toes over the long term by normalising forces across joints.

Custom prescription foot orthotics are specifically made foot orthotics based on a scan or cast of your unique individual foot shape with reference to clinically derived biomechanical and gait data.  Custom prescription foot orthotics provide the most accurate form of foot orthotics to control poor foot function and injury management.  A variety of techniques can be utilised in orthotic prescription and manufacture, and the Podiatrists at SSP have both extensive clinical and industry experience in custom prescription orthotic management.

An alternative to custom prescription orthoses are preform orthoses which are customised with reference to patient biomechanical and gait data.  These do not use individual foot shape data but use a base prefabricated standardised device.  These may be used where a custom prescription device is not warranted or as an interim alternative to custom prescription orthotics.

Your Podiatrist will discuss the relevance or need for orthotic therapy following assessment.