Project Description

Sandringham Sports Physio is also home of The Melbourne Whiplash Centre, which has advanced technology for treating whiplash injuries and is the first  clinic in the world to utilise the Multi Cervical Unit to assess and treat acute and chronic neck pain.

The majority of clients attending for our advanced neck rehabilitation program have suffered neck symptoms, on average for over 8 years. Their story starts, in 85% of cases, with a motor vehicle accident. Their symptoms often start within days, but sometimes many months later.

​In the remaining 15% of cases, there may not have been a direct trauma, but subtle trauma over time. Examples of this are sitting or working with poor posture or sustained postures over time causing wear and tear to the soft tissues on their necks.

The treatment provided at the Melbourne Whiplash Centre is supported by an increasing volume of research indicating that exercise prescription gains best results for whiplash and chronic neck pain sufferers.

The Melbourne Whiplash Centre incorporates proven manual therapy techniques with a tailored rehabilitation programme directed at strengthening areas of the neck and shoulders weakened by pain and dysfunction.

Our Neck Programs here have been developed by our centre Director, Senior Physiotherapist, Mr Robert De Nardis. As far back as 1997 Robert recognised a need in rehabilitation for neck strengthening programs.

“Any patient suffering a soft tissue injury, requires strengthening exercises to
​complete their rehab, the neck is no different.”

Based on this belief, Robert went ahead and working with US manufactures developed the Multi Cervical Unit (MCU). The MCU allows for objective data collection on neck function, and also provides an advanced and specific strength program for patients suffering ongoing neck pain.

Over many years now Robert and his team have developed protocols and treatment programs to assist patients experiencing neck issues. They cater for acute pain stemming from recent trauma and road accidents, to those suffering from chronic pain who are in desperate need of neck rehabilitation (strengthening). Their programs used at the centre have been developed from Robert’s experience in this field that stems from being a Panel Member of the International Whiplash Task Force and as a consultant to the UK Airforce, where he assisted Fast Jet Fighter Pilots with their neck issues.



The Melbourne Whiplash Centre was the first Centre in Australia to use the Multi-Cervical Unit – an advanced, computerised & objective technology for defining and treating chronic neck pain. Further information can be viewed at the Melbourne Whiplash Centre website.