Project Description


The PINC&STEEL program, available at Sandringham Sports Physio, has been the pioneering force behind the cancer rehabilitation movement in New Zealand and Australia since 2005. The program offers improved outcomes after a cancer diagnosis and is provided worldwide, including in the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil and Dubai.

What the PINC & STEEL program aims to do

  • Regain Strength & Mobility
  • Enhance energy levels during and after cancer treatments
  • Re-strengthen muscles of the trunk and improve posture
  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Improve sleep and alleviate fatigue
  • It can also reduce the risk of treatment related side effects such as lymphedema, osteoporosis and neuropathy

Cancer rehabilitation is not just about exercise.

It is about helping those with a cancer diagnosis to get back to living. It is about listening and helping people to achieve the goals that are most important to them. Our trained and Certified PINC&STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation therapists offer a wide range of options to support those affected by any type of cancer, through any stage of cancer treatment or recovery. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, encourage them to give their local PINC&STEEL Certified  cancer Rehabilitation therapist a call today.

Do you have concerns about your body since your cancer diagnosis?

• Do you have painful or swollen areas? Numbness
or tingling?
• Do you find yourself easily exhausted or lacking energy?
• Do you have difficulty relaxing or sleeping well?
• Are you experiencing shortness of breath or feeling
more breathless?
• Has your balance and coordination been affected?
• Has your diagnosis or treatment affected your ability to
take part in activities and hobbies that you loved?
• Are you struggling to get back to work or manage with
tasks around the house?
• Do you feel weaker or stiffer in your muscles and joints?
• Do you have new difficulties with your bladder
or bowels?
• Do you feel stuck about how to be more active or get
back to exercising?
We can help with that.