Project Description


Target areas can be treated more efficiently, allowing the practitioner to move to the next area of concern in less time.


It is now well researched that the ‘twitch’ response in the muscle during dry needling is associated with the muscle relaxing and stopping the pull on adjacent areas.


The needles used are very thin, and you may not feel them enter your skin. If the muscle is shortened and sensitive you will feel a cramping or twitch sensation. This is very short-lasting, and patients soon learn to recognise this sensation as therapeutic as it is followed by a feeling of pain relief and muscle relaxation.


Dry needling is used to release muscle tension and pain from patients, through the activation of local twitch responses in the muscles. Dry needling works by advancing a fine filament needle into the muscle and de-activating a “trigger point” in the region.

Most patients do not even realise the needle has penetrated the skin. Healthy muscles will feel very little, but if the muscle is sensitive or tight, you may feel a cramp-like sensation, caused as the muscle activates a ‘twitch response’.

Dry needling treatments are an extremely effective method for treating chronic pain and neuromuscular dysfunction and has very few side effects. As well as standard physiotherapy, Sandringham Sports Physio also offers dry needling treatments to Bayside patients we believe would benefit from it. In combination with other forms of treatment or as a standalone, trigger point dry needling is a quick and effective way to treat neuromuscular dysfunction and greatly reduce pain and discomfort.
Access to effective dry needling treatments in Bayside and surrounding suburbs has never been easier than with Sandringham Sports Physio. Our management team is actively involved in teaching Dry Needling to other therapists, not only in Australia but in several countries around the world. Get in touch with our expert staff today by filling out our contact form here or giving our friendly team a call.

The management team at Sandringham Sports Physio own and operate GEMt (Global Education of Manual Therapists), where the skill of Dry Needling is taught to manual therapists across the globe.


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