Mastitis is a common condition affecting 1 in 4 lactating women. It can be a very painful, debilitating and stressful experience. The good news is that it can be well managed with a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain in the breasts

  • Heat, firmness, swelling, redness of the breast

  • Reduced milk production

  • Fever

  • Flu like symptoms such as fatigue, generally feeling unwell, headaches, joint aching

What is mastitis

Inflammatory conditions of the lactating breast may present on a continuum and include:

  • Engorgement

  • Blocked Ducts

  • Inflammatory Mastitis 

  • Bacterial Mastitis

  • Breast abscess 

Mastitis is inflammation of the breast tissue and milk ducts.  This typically occurs when there is increased pressure building up in the milk ducts and the milk flows back into the breast tissue.  The milk contains protein and this protein is recognised by the breast tissue as foreign, thereby initiating an inflammatory response in the tissue.

How can we help you?

Treatment for these conditions should occur promptly when symptoms develop, contact our reception ( 9880 2337)to organise an appointment as soon as possible.

Physiotherapists will use a combination of modalities aimed at reducing the effects of inflammation.

  • Therapeutic ultrasound

  • Massage that involves Lymphatic drainage 

  • Exercise prescription

  • Education and advice

  • Self-management strategies