Foam Rollers Available for Purchase at the Clinic



Small black roller
Ideal for recovery from a sport, also light and portable so fits well in kit bags and can be used courtside prior to games or training sessions.


Small Blue roller 
A firmer density foam roller, ideal for preparing and conditioning muscles for sport. Portable enough to use courtside for advanced techniques. Ideal for deep tissue and release of muscle trigger points to assist with flexibility programs and injury prevention.


Large Blue roller
Ideal for activating and challenging the core muscle groups responsible for pelvic and lower back control. The correct activation of these muscle groups have proven to reduce injury rates in athletes. These rollers can also be used for advanced muscle massage techniques and trigger point deactivation techniques.

How to get the most out of your Foam Roller…

The correct use of a Foam Roller can assist with:

  1. Aiding recovery post sport (lighter foam roller techniques)1
  2. Muscle maintenance ie Injury prevention & warm up for sport by lengthening muscles and removing tight bands (firmer techniques). As well as the use of the long roller for core activation.

 Recovery techniques include:

  • The use of a softer roller (recommended for beginners), such as the small black roller. This can be used as a light massage on all major muscle groups following strenuous activity. Graduate body weight on this roller so that the force feels mild to ‘just’ moderate only and larger sweeps are made in a flushing type action. This method encourages venous return, ie it helps flush the toxins that accumulate from sport to be removed from the muscle tissues.
  • This roller may also be used to advance soft tissue techniques by simply placing more body weight on the roller.

Muscle maintenance techniques include:

  • Generally, this requires the use of the blue rollers, the black roller can also be used for those still adapting to foam roller techniques. Typically a greater force is required to lengthen muscle fibres and release tight trigger points within muscles. This force assists with blood flow to the area as well as helps lengthen muscles that become tight/shortened following strenuous activity.
  • Advanced techniques include:
    – Increase the use of body weight
    – Sustained pressure on a trigger point or sore spot (for up to one minute or until it releases)
    – Using the foam roller on a muscle while it is on a stretch
    – Moving the limb, ie. bending your knee while sustaining a hold on a trigger point