Bike Fitting Cycling Assessments

Getting your bike fitted correctly is vital for comfort, injury prevention, and to maximise cycling performance. At Sandringham Sports Physio we look at the way your bike is set up and adjust it to fit you perfectly.

A good bike fit is still important even if you aren’t having pain, as, having a correctly fitted bike allows you to maximise power and performance on the bike, and get the most out of your muscles.

We also look at your cycling technique and give strategies to assist your technique, and exercises if needed to help with the pain you are having while cycling.

If you are getting pain or discomfort while cycling, or just got a new bike and want to make sure you get the most out of your muscles, then book your bike fit!

What’s Involved

Sarah Treloar, our APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist will discuss any pain or discomfort you are getting while cycling and assess this when you are off the bike, then look at how your bike fit, and cycling position may be affecting your pain. She will adjust your bike set up to reduce pressure on these areas and give rehabilitation exercises and cycling technique strategies to prevent this pain.

What to bring?

  • Bike
  • Shoes and pants which you usually cycle in
  • That’s it! All the tools required are provided

What type of bikes?

Bike fits can be done on all types of bikes, whether you are a competitive triathlete, mountain biker, or just like to ride along the cycle path on a hybrid.

Who does it?

Bike fits are conducted by our physiotherapist Sarah who has completed the Science of Cycling and Physio Bikefit, and the service can be claimed on private health insurance.

Any questions?

Call the team at Sandringham Sports Physio on 03 9583 5248 or email us at

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